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Force, Peter CD-ROM produced by Fine Books Company 1890 American Archives
Manuscripts collected and edited by Peter Force (1890)

Yale University, Avalon Project
Treaty of Amity and Commerce, 1778
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commercial treaty wtih France Much of the work attributed to Silas Deane

Yale University, Avalon Project 1778 Treaty of Alliance Between France and the United States
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alliance bettwen France and United States signed by Benjamin Franklin, Silas Deane and Arthur Lee for the United States

"Report of a committee concerning Silas Deane and Arthur Lee," William Carmichael (d. 1795) 3 May 1779, Philadelphia. Houghton Library, Harvard University "contemporary copy, unidentified hand" Silas Deane & Arthur Lee In the Jared Sparks (1789-1866) Collection of Documents concerning the American Revolution
Alden, Horatio (comp.)
self 1841 Memorial of the Heirs of Silas Deane, formerly political and commercial agent in Europe and one of the ambassadors of the United States in France in the Revolutionary War Connecticut Historical Society Museum
defense of Deane and request for reimbursement papers presented to Congress by heirs
Arnold, Benedict

1780 Arnold, Benedict (1741-1801) letter to Silas Deane, Philadelphia , 22 Mar 1780 Jared Sparks Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard University

in the Jared Sparks (1789-1866) Collection of Documents concerning the American Revolution.
Bancroft, Edward Paul L. Ford Brooklyn, NY: Brooklyn Historical Printing Club 1891 Narrative of the Objects and Proceedings of Silas Deane as Commissioner of the United Colonies to France: made to the British Government in 1776.

Diplomacy, American Revolution, France, Silas Deane, Edward Bancroft This version is published as number 4 in "Winnowings in American History series. Also reproduced in Benjamin Franklin Stevens' (comp.). Facsimiles of Manuscripts in European Archives Relating to America 1773-1783.
Chaumont, M.

Letter from Chaumont to Vergennes 7 May 1778 (Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum file) translation of unpublished letter Silas Deane, diplomacy, France Chaumont informs Vergennes that Deane is being recalled by Congress "to learn the present state of affairs in Europe." Speculation that it is work of Deane's enenmies.
Deane, Silas
Hartford and London 1784 An Address to the Free and Independent Citizens of the United States of America

Defense of Silas Deane Available on microfilm at various university and research libraries.
Deane, Silas

Silas Deane Papers at the Connecticut Historical Society Museum (11 Boxes)

Personal and business correspondence, writings, business and legal papers, etc. Located at the Connecticut Historical Society Museum, 1 Elizabeth Street, Hartford, CT 06105. Index is available online at
Deane, Silas
New York 1782 Paris Papers: or Mr. Silas Deane's Late Intercepted Letters to His Brothers and Other Intimate Friends in America. To which are annexed for comparison the Congressional Declaration of Ind[e]pendency in July 1776 and that now inculcating among the revolted provinces with the never-to-be-forgotten orders of the rebel general in August 1776 for preventing a pacification.

Available on microfilm at various university libraries, e.g. see catalog at
Deane, Silas
Philadelphia, self 1779 Echo from the Temple of Wisdom, Announced by Messiurs[!] Common Truth, S.S.T.P., Common Honesty, Houghton Library,Harvard University

Deane, Silas

1776 Deane, Silas (1737-1789) to [Robert Morris]; Paris, 30 Sep 1776 Houghton Library, Harvard University

in the Jared Sparks (1789-1866) Collection of Documents concerning the American Revolution
Deane, Silas

List of the navy of the United States, March 1780 Houghton Library, Harvard University manuscript (unindentified hand), 1s.(2p.) Navy in the Jared Sparks (1789-1866) Collection of Documents concerning the American Revolution
Deane, Silas

Silas Deane Papers; Memorial Connecticut Historical Society Musuem Oversize box 2 folder 35

Deane, Silas

Silas Deane's Account Book Connecticut Historcial Society Musuem manuscript Account book
Deane, Silas
Philadelphia: S. Deane 1778 To the Free and Virtuous Citizens of America

Silas Deane Deane statement of his case against his detractors in Congress
Gerlach, Larry R.
unpublished ( University of Nebraska, 1965) 1965 The Connecticut Delegates and the Continental Congress: From Confederation to Constitution 1774-1789
unpublished thesis Continental Congress This thesis written at the Univeristy of Nebraska is unpublished. However, Gerlach used the thesis as the basis for articles in three issues of the Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin: 31 (July, 1966), 32 (April, 1967), and 33 (April, 1968).
Halsted, Janet Gertrude

1999 "Silas Deane: Intelligence Agent and Ambassador from the Continental Congress" Southern Connecticut State University unpublished thesis American Revolution, diplomacy, France, espionage, Silas Deane Author suggests that Silas Deane may have faked his own death in an effort to escape from Edward Bancroft.
Lee, Arthur

Extracts from a letter written to the president of Congress by the Honorable Arthur Lee, Esquire, in answer to a libel published in the Pennsylvania Gazetter of the fifth of December 1778

Arthur Lee Available on microfilm at some research libraries(e.g. U.VA #795.16)
Lee, Charles Henry
Richmond, VA. 1894 A Vindication of Arthur Lee, LL.D., F.R.S., former representative of the province of Massachusetts Bay at London, joint commissioners with John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Silas Deane at the court of Louis XVI of France and sole commissioners at ....."
Provides the Lee perspective.
Lee family members Hoffman. Paul P. Charlottesville: University of Virginia 1996 The Lee Family Papers 1742-1795 University of Virginia Library
Lee family Microfilm of letters from the manuscript collections of University of Virginia, Harvard University & American Philosphical Society libraries.
Lee, William Ford. Worthing Chauncey
1891 Reply of William Lee to the Charges of Silas Deane, 1779 Library of Congress

Lestarjette, Lewis

Lestarjette, Lewis to Henry Laurens; Paris, 5 Sep 1777 Houghton Library, Harvard University manuscript letter (contemporary copy) 1s.(4p.) Baron von Steuben in the Jared Sparks (1789-1866) Collection of Documents concerning the American Revolution
Paine, Thomas

Echo from the Temple of Wisdom announced by Messiurs [sic] Common Truth, S.S.T.P. Common Honesty, C.P.S. Common Law, L.L.D. and "Common Sense;" or A constitutional answer and refutation of an address to Mr. Silas Deane, approved of and agreed unto by a majority of delegates in general Congress, of senators, orators, grammarians, rhetoricians, logicians, lawyers, critics, politicians, patriots, public spirited Whigs, connoisseurs, causists, divines, and republicans; Mr. Common Sense himself chief speaker among them. Microform (catalog listing)

Sherman, Roger

MSS12563 "Letter to Zebulon Butler with portrait, 1776 January 19" University of Virginia

Smith, Paul (ed.) Smith, Paul Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress 1976-2000 Letters of the Delegates to Congress 1774-1789. Library of Congress, depository libraries in every congressional district. Imprint. (23,000 letters and documents published in 26 volumes) Continental Congress Library of Congress, depository libraries in every congressional district. A searchable digital version is on CD-ROM (Summerfield, FLA.: Historical Database, 1998). Internet version is on Library of Congress American Memory website at or
Sparks, Jared (ed.) Jared Sparks Boston: N. Hale and Gray & Bowen 1829 The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution ...Concerning the Foreign Relations of the United States During the......, 12 volumes

Diplomacy, Foreign Relations, American Revolution Deane letters in volume 1
Stille, Charles J.

1978 "Silas Deane, Diplomat of the Revolution: a paper read before the Society of the Colonial Dames of Pennsylvania University of Virginia Libraries #Micfich 557/RWD72
Silas Deane, Diplomacy
United States Joint Commissioners for Negotiating Treaties with France and Great Britain

1776-1779 Journal of Cash for the Commission at the Court of France: Account Book 1776-1779 Library of Congress
Finances, France, Diplomacy
Van Vlack, Milton

Connecticut Historical Society Museum A Survey of Writings Concerning the Controversial Envoy Silas Deane 1776-1789 Connecticut Historical Society Museum manuscript Silas Deane
White, Dexter Flint

1932 Silas Deane, First Commissioner of the United Colonies University of Virginia #0620
Silas Deane, Diplomacy
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