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American Philisophical Society
Ahern Naval History
documents related to naval history letters and documents concerning naval matters in Revolutionary War

Rafalko, Frank J.

"American Revolution and the Post-Revolutionary Era: A Historical Legacy," Chapter 1 in A Counter Intelligence Reader: American Revolution to World War II
website article American Revolution, espionage, Edward Bancroft This is on the web site of the Federation of American Scientists/ National Counter Intelligence Center.For references to Silas Deane see sections of Chapter 1 on "Dr. Edward Bancroft" and "Secret Wrtiting."
Perkins, James Breck

"France in the Revolution, Chapter IV Silas Deane's Mission"

American Revolution, diplomacy, Silas Deane Synopsis of Silas Deane's efforts in France. The author James Perkins concludes that Deane's contributions "in our war for independence was so important and so curious that it deserves a careful examination."

George Washington and Slavery
George Washington Papers at University of Virginia George Washington, slavery University of Virginia website for text of George Washington Papers pertaining to his slaves.

George Washington Papers (internet accessible)

George Washington, slavery, correspondence, etc. Library of Congress American Memory website for images and transcriptions of versions of numerous George Washington papers.

Silas Deane Papers: A Guide to the Silas Deane Papers at the Connecticut Historical Society
Silas Deane Papers a listing of all letters CHS Museum has available

Web site for The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut from April 1636-October 1776."
Connecticut Legislation Online text version of The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut from April 1636-October 1776." Individual volumes are searchable by "Deane," " Silas," "militia," "slave," "Negro," etc. Volumes are also available at major research libraries.

Web site listing of diseases

This genealogical website includes a glossary of diseases often mentioned in 18th century records.

Web site of archaeology site in Maryland with slavery

Archaeology, enslavement, African American culture African archaeological evidence in Maryland

Web site of George Washington Papers at the University of Virginia
web site

Hartford: The Hartford Courant 29 September 2002 Web site of Hartford Courant's special on slavery in Connecticut

Enslavement in Connecticut, African American culture, legislation, commerce The Hartford Courant's Northeast Magazine Special "Complicity: How Connecticut Chained Itself to Slavery." For archaeology see Chapter 1 "The Plantation Next Door." For reference to Silas Deane, Roger Sherman (fellow delegate to Continental Congress) and Jeremiah Wadsworth (a business partner) see Chapter 3 "Sins of Our Fathers." Both written by Joel Lang. To access on line you may need to register (free) at the Courant's website. Thie entire issue of "Complicity" is available at the Hartford Courant, 285 Broad St., Hartford, CT 06115 ( 860-241-3912).

Web site of Library of Congress
documents of American History excellent for research; Silas Deane included

Web site of Mount Vernon website
Information and archaeology on George Washington and the servants, slaves, and overseers who lived at Mount Vernon.

Web site of Smithsonian article on Connecticut archaeology

Achaeology, enslavement, African American culture African archaeological evidence in Connecticut

Web site of Yale University's collection of primary documents from 18th century

18th century documents, diplomacy, American Revolution The Avalon Project of Yale Law School contains the transcriptions of numerous documents. Among those mentioning Silas Deane are the American-French treaties

Web site on African archaeological evidence in Maryland

Archaeology, enslavement, African American culture. African archaeological evidence in Maryland

Web site on African presence in 1700s house in Brooklyn

Archaeology, enslavement, African American culture African archaeological evidence at the Lott House in Brooklyn, NY.

Web site on cosmograms in Texas

Archaeology, enslavement, African American culture African archaeological evidence in Texas

Web Site on John Adams

John Adams, American Revolution, diplomacy, slavery, correspondence Adams Family Papers: An Electronic Archive of the Massachusetts Historical Society

Web site on Salem, Connecticut slave plantation in Archaeology Magazine

archaeology, enslavement in Connecticut, African American culture Archaeology Magazine article on African diaspora archaeology at Salem plantation in Connecticut
Clark, George L.

Web site providing entire text of George L.Clark's biography of Silas Deane

Silas Deane biography Quinnipiac College has put on line the text of the entire biography

Website for Philadelphia as first US capitol
website slavery, archaeology, George Washington as President Findings and controversy regarding enslaved people of America's first president.

Website of Central Intelligence Agency

Revolutionary War spies

Website of Massachusetts History
website slavery in Massachusetts Massachusetts Historical Society website on the African-American experience in Massachusetts
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