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The People

Cast of Minor Characters

Hannah Deane Buck (1754-1824) – Deane’s sister; married to Wethersfield merchant Daniel Buck

Barzalai Deane (1746-178) – Deane’s brother and business partner

John Deane (1759-1788) – Deane’s youngest brother; died at sea

Simeon Deane (1750-1777) – Deane stayed with brother Simeon in Virginia before returning to France in 1778

Johan De Kalb (1721-1780) – French army officer signed up by Deane to serve in Continental Army

Dr. Benjamin Gale – Elizabeth Saltonstall Deane’s physician and friend of the fanily from Killingworth, Connecticut

Benjamin Harrison (1726-1791) – Virginia delegate to Continental Congress; father of President William Henry Harrison

John Jay (1745-1829) – New York delegate to Continental Congress; President of Congress 1778-1779

Henry Laurens (1724-1792) – Delegate from South Carolina to Continental Congress; President of Congress 1777-1778

Charles Henry Lee – Revolutionary War officer; accompanied Washington to Deane House 1775; not related to Richard Henry Lee or Arthur Lee

Richard Henry Lee (1732-1794) – brother of Arthur Lee; Virginia representative to Continental Congress

Robert Livingston (1747-1813) – New York representative to Continental Congress

Thomas Mumford – Deane’s brother-in-law; married to Elizabeth Saltonstall Deane’s sister

Isreal Putnam (1718-1790) – Revolutionary War General from Connecticut

Molly Saltonstall – Deane’s sister-in-law

Nanny Saltonstall – Deane’s sister-in-law

Benjamin Tallmadge (1754-1835) – Chief Intelligence Officer for Continental Army

Jeremiah Wadsworth (1743-1804) – Connecticut patriot, Deputy Commissary General for supplies for soldiers in Revolution; family friend of Deanes and Webbs

Abigail (Nabby) Webb (Bull) (1761-1804) – One of Mehitable’s six children from first marriage

Mehitable Webb (1757-1796) – One of Mehitable’s six children from first marriage

John Webb (1759-1838) – One of Mehitable’s six children from first marriage




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