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Stepdaughter dies of epilepsy

Assumes command of American army; head to Boston; stops at Deane House in CT for tea.

Contracts with New England ship owners to defend New England coast from Britain

Attends meetings in Alexandria about growing conflict with England.

Represents Virginia in Philadelphia at First Continental Congress, Sept. 5-Oct. 26.

Son Charles born

Elected Boston representative to General court

Son Thomas born

Marries Elizabeth Saltonstall Evards

Represents CT in Philadelphia at First Continental Congress, Sept. 5-Oct. 26.

Appointed to Second Continental Congress, November.

Late 1774-early 1775 back in CT at General Assembly raising funds for assault on Fort Ticonderoga.

Removed by Gov. Trumbull as CT representative to Congress, Oct. 20, remains for Navy

Appointed by Secret Committee to go to France as secret agent, March; sails via Bermuda; arrives Paris, July; recruits Lafayette, Dec.; Franklin and Lee arrive Paris, Dec.

Ships with goods for Army leave France, March; start arriving New Hampshire, April; last one Nov.

Letter sent by Congress recalling Deane, Dec.; wife Elizabeth dies, June.

Treaty of Alliance and Treaty of Amity and Commerce signed by France and Franklin, Lee and Deane February 6

Congress says Deane can leave Philadelphia, August

In Virginia with brother Simeon through next spring

Represents MA in Philadelphia at First Continental Congress, Sept. 5-Oct. 26

Member of Second Continental Congress; proposes Washington as Comdr. of Army; on Committee for Navy

Takes army to New York; evacuates to New Jersey

Colonial victory at Trenton, Dec. 26

Victorious at Princeton, January; British forced out of New Jersey

Winter at Valley Forge; White Plains in spring

War in south; French fleet arrives, October and then back to France

Defeat at Germantown, September; victory at Battle of Saratoga, December

Lafayette arrives, June

Congress ratifies French treaties, May; blacks begin serving in army; Steuben's military manual published

John Adams replaces Deane in France

Appointed to replace Deane in Paris

In Paris

Removed as commissioner to Paris

Battles of Lexington and Concord, April

Assault on Fort Ticonderoga by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold, May 9-10

Declaration of Independence signed in July but word of it does not reach France until November