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Deane in Holland, then Brussels

Deane letters intercepted by British

Orders attacks in New York; Washington in Morristown, New Jersey

Home in Virginia

In Europe for treaty negotiations

Meets with Rochambeau in Wethersfield, Ct, May; American and French armies march south, July

Leaves America, June

Arrives Paris, July

Deane letters published in Royal Gazette, New York

Charged with treason by Paine

Charged with treason by Adams

Moves to London for rest of life; writes pamphlet, August

Pamphlet "An Address to the United States of America" published London; charged with treason by John Jay

Pamphlet "To the Free and Independent Citizens of the United States of North America" published Hartford, New London

Defends self with letters from England through 1789

Looks at industrial revolution in England toward implementing it in America through 1789

Dies September 23, on ship off Deal, England

Peace treaty with Great Britain signed by Adams, September

Named first minister from the United States to Great Britain

Elected as first President

Last formal engagement of Revolutionary War (Ohio)

Constitutional convention, May-September (Philadelphia)

Returns home to Massachusetts

Elected as first Vice President

French army arrives Rhode Island, July; Benedict Arnold defects

Victory at Yorktown, October