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1. Yale Book for class of 1758

2. Hartford County record with announcement that S. Deane has passed the bar

3. Letter from S. Deane to Sarah Webb about hair

4. Letter from S. Deane about Sam Webb's appointment as aide de camp (New-York Historical Society)

5. S. Deane reporting Joseph Webb will not accept terms (New-York Historical Society)

6. Saltonstall letter about Pompey and his skill with horses (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

7. S. Deane writes to Elizabeth Deane about delegates and his trip to Philadelphia (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

8. Continuation of Document 7, Part 2 (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

9. Continuation of Document 7, Part 3 (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

10. S. Deane to Elizabeth Deane about Ticonderoga (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

11. Appointments to Continental Congress from The Hartford

12. S. Deane letter to Elizabeth Deane describing duties and the importance of Connecticut constitution (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

13. S. Deane to Elizabeth Deane about no longer being a member of the Continental Congress (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

14. Governor Trumbull to S. Deane about dismissal (New-York Historical Society)

15. Instructions to S. Deane from Naval Committee (New-York Historical Society)

16. S. Deane to Elizabeth Deane about staying in Philadelphia (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

17. S. Deane's appointment to France (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

18. S. Deane's instructions to Elizabeth Deane as he leaves for France (New-York Historical Society)

19. Instructions to S. Deane for activity in France (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

20. Appointment of Lafayette (New-York Historical Society)

21. S. Deane reports to the Secret Committee about activities in France (New-York Historical Society)

22. Importance of papers captain taking to America (New-York Historical Society)

23. S. Deane describes shipments to John Jay (New-York Historical Society)

24. From James Lovell to S. Deane requesting Deane's return to Philadelphia (New-York Historical Society)

25. S. Deane's defense of work in France (New-York Historical Society)

26. Adams on S. Deane (New-York Historical Society)

27. Duer about S.Deane (New-York Historical Society)

28. Proceedings of Congress, discharge of S. Deane (New-York Historical Society)

29. Thomas Paine on S. Deane (New-York Historical Society)

30. “To the Free and Independent Citizens of the United States of North America” by S. Deane (New-York Historical Society)

31. S. Deane to Barnabas Deane, plans for industry in America (New-York Historical Society)

32. S. Deane to Sam Webb about industry in America (New-York Historical Society)

33. S. Deane to Lord Sheffield about industry in America (New-York Historical Society)

34. The American Mercury, Obituary (Connecticut Historical Society

35. S. Deane to Jonathan Williams, curiosity about recall (New-York Historical Society)

36. Endorsement of S. Deane by De Vergennes and endorsement by Franklin (New-York Historical Society)

37. Proceedings of Congress, taken from Journal of Congress (New-York Historical Society)

38. S. Deane to Barnabas Deane (New-York Historical Society)

39. S. Deane to the President of Congress (New-York Historical

40. Arthur Lee to Sam Adams about problems with S. Deane (New-York Historical Society)

41. S. Deane's narrative read before Congress (New-York Historical

42. Count de Beaumarchais to Congress requesting payment (New-York Historical Society)

43. Note to the above by Henry Laurens -President of the Continental Congress- (New-York Historical Society)

44. Thomas Paine's defense of the Lees (New-York Historical Society)

45. Proceedings of Congress-dismissal of Paine (New-York Historical

46. S. Deane's sorrow on death of wife (New-York Historical Society)

47. Intercepted letters (New-York Historical Society)

48. John Adams to Robert Livingston-Adams thinks that S. Deane is not loyal to America (New-York Historical Society)

49. S. Deane to Barnabas and S.Deane to Franklin about his not seeing Arnold (New-York Historical Society)

50. Franklin no longer supports S. Deane and Morris is not optimistic about S. Deane's future (New-York Historical Society)

51. Barnabas Deane to Jacob Sebor (New-York Historical Society)

52. S. Deane on friendship and medical help of Bancroft (New-York Historical Society)

53. Bancroft to Priestley on rumors concerning S. Deane's death (New-York Historical Society)

54. Memorial to Congress from S. Deane's heirs (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

55. Two reports from Senate on the Memorial (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

56. S. Deane telling Elizabeth Deane about Washington's impending visit (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

57. More about Washington's visit (Connecticut Historical Society

58. S. Deane to Charles W. F. Dumas about has not receiving official word of the signing of the Declaration of Independence (New-York Historical

59. Jeremiah Wadsworth to Jonathan Trumbull about actually dining at S. Deane's with Washington (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

60. Tax list, 1773, 1776

61. S. Deane Inventory

62. Land Record of Japhet Wills

63. House Purchase

64. Katherine Russell will

65. Dick sent from Philadelphia

66. Benjamin Franklin introduces Edward Bancroft to S. Deane in Paris (New-York Historical Society)

67. S. Deane to Elizabeth Deane about loaning chaise to Roger Sherman (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

68. S. Deane expresses importance of a strong Navy in order to win the war (New-York Historical Society)

69. Hopkins to S. Deane, procure two vessels (New-York Historical

70. Rules of the Navy (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

71. S. Deane speaking on Naval affairs from France (New-York Historical Society)

72. John Paul Jones to S. Deane, relates first salute between French and Continental war vessels (New-York Historical Society)

73. To S. Deane from John Hancock, the appointment of S. Deane, Benjamin Franklin and Arthur Lee as commissioners to France (Connecticut Historical Society Museum)

74. S. Deane to Secret Committee saying his work is worthy of a hero (New-York Historical Society)

75. Letter S. to Barnabas Deane, April 20, 1780

76. Excerpt Refutation of the Calumny of Henry Laurens

77. Hurlburt Account Book- S. Deane's account for pumps for Pomp and Hagar

78. Sam Webb re Pompey

79. Legislation re freeing individual slaves



"...Mr. Deane, being recalled by Congress, and no reasons given that have yet appeared here, it is apprehended to be the effect of some misrepresentations from an enemy or two at Paris and at Nantes."

Benjamin Franklin to the President of Congress
Passy, near Paris, March 31st., 1778

Benjamin Franklin letter




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