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How to use this site

Silas Deane Online is designed to provide high school students, teachers, researchers and historians with a valuable online resource that can be approached from and appreciated on several levels.

All information on the site is compiled and crosslinked to provide access from multiple points. Links to all primary source material (documents, transcripts and images) generate their content in pop-up windows from anywhere in the site. Primary source material can also be accessed via index links in the Portraits, Objects and Documents sections.

Navigation conventions

  • All images in the right columns and the timeline are links to detailed information. When the cursor changes to a ? question mark, that means click for details, which will appear in a pop-up window.
  • All links in text are identified like this.
  • In the Documents section, = view transcript, and = view image.

The Story provides a narrative summary of Silas Deane's life and is a good starting point. Throughout the site, Deane is viewed in relation to his contemporaries George Washington and John Adams.

The People offers portraits and biographical summaries of Deane and his contemporaries, family and associates.

The Places contains an overview of Wethersfield, Deane's home town, and tours of his home at the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum, in narrative slide show and QuickTime Virtual reality formats.

Timeline presents events in the lives of Deane, Washington and Adams in a scrolling graphic format with links to detaled information

Portraits is a gallery of historic paintings of Deane, his family and contemporaries.

Objects is a photo gallery of items from the Deane house.

Documents is the index to 79 primary sources and provides links to transcripts and document images.

Maps is a gallery of relevant cartography

Interactives is the access point to interactive activities such as the Virtual Tour of Deane's home.

Classroom is the entry point for teachers and students and contains seven lessons and activities, resources and a detailed biography of Silas Deane.

Bibliography is an extensive reference to over 300 print and web reources

Search is the access page to the keyword-based search engine. Search results are delivered in context with direct page links.


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